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Gabrovo region is in the geographical heart of Bulgaria. It is situated in the northern foothills of the Middle Balkan Range. The nvers Yantra and Rositsa cross its territory. The relief of the region is mountainous or semi-mountamous. The climate is temperate-continental with cold winters and comparatively hot summers. Falls are typically continental. Gabrovo district borders Stara Zagora to the South. Vehko Tarnovo to the Northeast and of the region of Lovech to the Nortwest. It is one of the five regions included in the North Central region.

Gabrovo is the kind of city – community centers with own separate time historical-geographical area. At present, the municipality has 15 larger active cultural institutes and creative formations, some of which entirely financed from the municipal budget, 42 others partially, and some are state funding; 32 centers operating under the Law on Community Centers, and creative formations amateur basis. The municipality has 21 creative formations. 3 of them are professional and 18 amateur. These cultural institutions employ about 300 people. In this city a lot going for the first time in Bulgaria: A first new Bulgarian secular school – APRILOV 1835; machines earn the first Bulgarian textile mill – Kalpazanov 1882, the first electric bulb lights; appear first factories soaps. No other city in Bulgaria, whose inhabitants are told so many funny stories. Who has not heard of cats with cut lines for clocks tied arrow egg to tap ...


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