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This city is Plovdiv, situated on the crossroads between the West and the East, amid the fertile plain of Thrace, where history and modernity go hand in hand, whereas since the ancient times until today culture and art thrive within a vivid medley of shapes, styles and colours. 

Plovdiv is two hours away from the Bulgarian capital Sofia, four hours from the Black Sea and the same distance from the Aegean Sea. It was founded in the fertile Thracian plain, the stripe between the Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope Mountains, amid seven hills and the broad river bed of Maritsa, the river, still crossing it today. This magical place has for centuries attracted settlers like a magnet, has welcome and sent off different tribes and populations. Thus it has, little by little, piled up its collective memory. 

Evmolpia, Philippopolis, Trimontium, Pulpudeva, Puldin, Filibe, Plovdiv…This is just a selection of the many known names of the city.

There exists an exceptionally early evidence of life in these lands, the first settlements date eight millennia back, and it kept uninterrupted until today. Therefore Plovdiv is the oldest European city which was continuously inhabited and sixth in the world. This place is in itself a history manual, where you can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of almost all historical epochs and periods that left a lasting imprint on the city and shaped its varied identity.

Unique and ancient, beautiful and artistic, spiritual and challenging – such in a nutshell is the city of Plovdiv and even today one is enticed to exclaim just like the medieval travelers: "You, stranger, stop for a while in the heart of Thrace so that you feel its rhythm and that you get impregnated by its harmony".



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