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Sea hotels in Bulgaria



Bulgaria – a country of all seasons! A paradise for holidays, a place where every one of you can find what he/she needs! Various and full of surprises are the landscapes in Bulgaria, beautiful mountains, ski-lifts and ski-runs with different level of difficulty. Especially pleasant is the feeling after skiing, when you can visit some of the restaurants placed on the ski-runs or in the resorts, with various types of cuisine. Besides there are many discos and night bars for one wild night life.

 Bulgaria's beautiful beach and ski resorts are expanding quickly as a result and have lured visitors away from more expensive European destinations with low-priced lift passes and accommodation options. The main cities have shrugged off their weary Communist-era image and have become vibrant and attractive, with well-kept boulevards, varied shopping and lively nightlife. In contrast, many towns and villages have preserved the authentic Bulgarian spirit and hospitality - the country is especially proud of its rich folklore traditions.



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