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Dyuni is a wonderful windswept strip of beach that separates the sea from a marshy inland lake. A large hotel complex dominates the northern end, but the rest of the beach is free for the public to enjoy.

Dyuni is a charming Bulgarian village situated in the bay of Dyuni, on a territory of a state nature preserved area. The position is on the South mountainside and covers the area between the last house and the harbour. There are shady and narrow alleys reminding of an old town and sunny, pleasant terraces. So the place has preserved the beauty and the romance of the old Bulgarian way of life.

The resort offers you to spend carefree days with the undisturbed walks along the seacoast. Your stay will not be enough to know the interesting country and its people, but on this place you’ll have a direct and friendly contact with local people to enrich your impressions. Dyuni Resort is an amazing collection of luxuries hotels and villas. Perfectly located at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, a prestigious destination in southern Europe, Dyuni Resort welcomes you with the best services and exquisite facilities.




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