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 Elenite Holiday Village is the only Bulgarian sea resort that is fully south oriented, with plenty of sunshine through the gently sloping hills nearby. The Villas spread like a mosaic over the hills creating unique resort in itself. Featuring an outdoor swimming pool and a lobby bar, Villas Elenite All Inclusive is located in the south facing Elenite Holiday Village resort.If your booking is for the holiday village, it means you will be accommodated in the villas. elenite holiday village.

Elenite is one of the best looked after holiday villages on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It has developed as a package holiday resort which maintains high quality of service and competitive rates. Elenite is located about 50 km north of Burgas, close to the trendy Sunny Beach and Sveti Vlas resorts.

Elenite, a resort on the Black Sea Coast, marks a gradual move away from the ugly developments of the 1970s and 80s. The design recalls Rila Monastery’s arcaded interior. 



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