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There are many more resorts and complexes along the southern Black Sea coast. Kiten are favourite with the young people seeking fun and excitement, attract families with children because of their tranquillity, are preferred by those who are looking for a closer contact with nature. Kiten Bulgaria is the most beautiful place on the Black Sea coast, which can charm each visitor with irresistible feeling of summer!

The combination of the wooded forest of the Strandzha Mountain and the sea contributes to the ambience of the holiday resort of Kiten, which turns into a heavenly place during the summer season. The beaches are perhaps the main natural resource which makes the development of Kiten as a resort and as a centre for summer recreation.

The excellent climate conditions, combined with the enclosed bays, imply a calm sea in Kiten during most of the summer season. The little saltiness of the Black Sea, distinguishes it from the others. These conditions give wonderful conditions for the development of the summer tourism along the shores of this basin, as well as other recreational activities like water sports, fishing etc.




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