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Balchik is a lovely town nestled in the northern part of the Black Sea. Here the beauty of nature truly enchants. It so captivated the Romanian Queen Maria that she built her summer home, Quiet Nest, here. For this purpose she hired world renowned architects and botanists to create one of the most uniquely beautiful places in the world.

Because it has only a small beach, Balchik does not attract crowds of visitors, so it remains pleasantly quiet throughout the summer. In Greek times, when it was a busy port and wine producer, Balchik was known as Dionisopolis, in honour of the god of wine. Like Kavarna, it was part of Romania between 1913 and 1940. Balchik’s small National Revival Complex is set in pretty gardens next to the Church of Sveti Nikolai (1866). Its centrepiece is a re-creation of the town’s first  Bulgarian school, established in 1848. The small collection at the History Museum documents Balchik’s past. Just opposite is a large half-timbered old house. This is the Ethnographic Museum, with costumes and exhibits relating to local trades. The Art Gallery has a collection of 20-th-century paintings and sculptures related to Balchik. They include vivid modernist depictions of the town by Svetlin Rusev (b. 1933).

About 2 km outside Balchik is the delightful seafront Palace of Queen Marie. It was built in 1924 by King Ferdinand of Romania as a retreat for his British-born wife Marie, one of Queen Victoria’s grand-daughters. The palace gardens contain Europe’s second-largest collection of cacti.






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