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Although its main street is dominated by dour Socialistera architecture, Kavarna is a pleasant town, with lively cafes and bars. Its origins go back to the 6-th century BC, when a settlement known as Bizone was founded by Greek colonists. Bizone thrived until it was flattened by an earthquake in the 1-st century BC. Later rebuilt, it was ruled successively by Romans, Slavs and Ottomans. Since the Middle Ages the town has been known as Kavarna. Liberated from Ottoman rule in 1878, the town became part of Romania in 1913. It was returned to Bulgaria in 1940.

Kavarna’s Ethno graphic Museum, in a National Revival house, features displays on the daily life of its 19-th - century inhabitants. The Art Gallery has a collection of local seascapes and organizes exhibitions of the work of Bulgarian and international artists.

Artifacts related to sea trade in ancient times fill the Marine Museum, in a 15-th - century hammam off the road to the seafront. Exhibits here include stone anchors, amphorae, coins and bronze figures.

Immediately behind is the History Museum, which documents Kavarna’s more recent past. Just outside the town is the seafront district of Chirakman, a resort zone with restaurants, hotels and a small beach.

Kaliakra Rock Fest is a traditional rock festival held every summer in the coastal town of Kavarna, 60 km northeast of Varna. In the few days of the festival the whole town comes to life with thousands of rock fans and their idols - popular rock bands and performers. Legends such as Accept, Motley Crue, Scorpions and many others have blown away the audience from the stage of the festival.





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