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Hotels in Banya, region Bansko.

Banya, region Bansko Weather in Banya


The village of Banya is one of the oldest in the valley of Razlog. It is part of Razlog municipality, Blagoevgrad region.

The village of Banya lies 5 km to the east of the town of Razlog and at about the same distance to the north of the world-know ski centre and mountain resort of Bankso. The three settlements in the skirts of the Pirin Mountain form a sort of an equilateral triangle that is gradually becoming a large ski and tourist complex. The village lies in the middle of the valley an altitude of 800 m. , between three mountains - Pirin mountain, Rila mountain and Rhodopes mountain. The old name of the village is Guliina Banya.

The Banya village has been well-known through the centuries for its numerous healing thermal springs with 58 Cº temperature of the water. An old Turkish hamam stiil stands in the village to remind of its history. Archeological discoveries in the region tell the stories of Thracians, Celts and Slavs who have left their footprint on the local culture and traditions. Banya hosts eleven houses, pronounced to be monuments of the various architectural styles which are typical for the region, and when you walk around the village you get the feeling of waking through history. Guests who love to explore should not miss the chance to gain impression from the 10 km Green path in the mountain.

The village is rich in mineral waters of temperature ranging between 37 and 57 degrees Celsius that are used for spa, recreational and industrial purposes. The proximity of Banya to the ski facilities of Bansko, its mineral waters and relatively underexploited tourist potential have drawn to Bulgarian and foreign investors in recent years. The village is currently undergoing massive development into a spa and mountain resort with plenty of new hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities emerging each season.

Nowadays the village is radically different . The village is with excellent infrastructure. The visitors and tourist can enjoy the new Mineral bath with two swimming pools.

The village has 70 mineral springs with water temperature of about 55 °С used in outdoor swimming pools and a mineral bath. The natural resources, the beautiful views of Pirin and Rila mountains, the proximity to the Bansko ski center justify the all-year tourist demand.






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