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Splendid and magnificent for the most part of its existence, today Kyustendil will also impress you with the numerous cultural monuments from all historical ages such us parts of fortified walls, ancient streets and mosaics, Christian temples, mosques, and public baths from the Middle Ages and the Revival period.

The hot healing mineral springs (there are 40 of them) and the healing peat from the deposits in the village of Baikal are the regional natural resources that allow for balneo- and mud therapy (baths, pools, underwater gymnastics, underwater massage, healing showers, irrigations), kinesitherapy, specialized methods, paraffin therapy, full range of device physiotherapy, healing massages. Local mineral water is one of the hottest in the country – 74 С°

Kyustendil’s mineral springs are favorable for treatment of the air passages, and motor and gynecological conditions. ?eir chemical composition includes hydrocarbonate, sulphate, and sodium, with an alkaline reaction.
Kyustendil has a well-developed resort structure, numerous hotels, food establishments and night clubs.

The Hisarlaka Park lies in the lowest slopes of Osogovo Mountain. The park provides for relaxation and tourism in the beautiful nature. There are fortress remains, hotels, bars, and arbors. the town is an entrance to the beautiful and enchanting Osogovo Mountain.



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