Bulgaria is rich in mineral springs – we have over 700 across the country. So this kind of pleasure is quite accessible to the people. We are happy to live in this SPA paradise and never miss a chance to enjoy it. It’s like Iceland, but in the summer you can go to the beach, too. So there are plenty of places and hotels with hot mineral pools in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian spa resorts are all over the country and are located in vary favorable climatic regions, not too cold and not too hot, ideal for combining balneotherapy, water therapy with climatic sandanski health spatreatment. Some of them are near the Black Sea, others in mountainous regions with beautiful scenery and ozone-rich air.

The Black Sea coast is a sub-region of the continental Mediterranean climatic region. Neither the harsh climatic conditions of the northern European coasts, nor the scorching heat of the Mediterranean are characteristic of it. The specific sea climate, combined with the curative mineral springs and curative mud offer excellent conditions for treatment, recuperation and holidays throughout the year.

Varied preventive and therapeutic possibilities are also offered by the Bulgarian climatic mountain resorts. The lovely scenery, clean air, shortwave ultraviolet radiation, negative air ionization, particularly close to mountain waterfalls, as well as the many mineral springs, different in temperature and composition, are their major assets.







Bulgaria's spectacular mountains, golden beaches and vibrant cities have begun attracting hordes of eager-eyed tourists over the past few years, and with them much has been transformed in this crossroads between the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

The country's mammoth changes have seen its cities and resorts undergoing construction booms galore, tempting buyers from Western Europe with relatively cheap property and stunning landscapes.

Hikers will find a variety of mountain ranges covering much of the country, with plenty of extraordinary wildlife to be glimpsed along the way. The walking trails are well mapped, taking hikers through forests, past lakes and waterfalls, with the chance to glimpse bears, wolves and lynx. Those keen on caving and kayaking will also find plenty to entertain them, while skiing and snowshoeing is also popular here.

Of course, the attraction that brings most visitors to Bulgaria is its remarkably unspoiled beaches strewn along the Black Sea coast. Less-visited, less-developed and with lots of facilities for water sports, Bulgaria's sandy beaches are the equal to almost any of the more popular coastal spots in the Mediterranean. What’s more, you’ll find many aged seaside towns complete with cobbled streets and historic buildings. Indeed, those interested in history will find Bulgaria a haven of Byzantine heritage, with a long tradition of Orthodox Christian churches and religious art. There are also a number of intriguing, secluded monasteries that are worth visiting especially for their detailed murals.






BULGARIA – a country of all seasons! A paradise for holidays, a place where every one of you can find what he/she needs! Various and full of surprises are the landscapes in Bulgaria, beautiful mountains, ski-lifts and ski-runs with different level of difficulty. Especially pleasant is the feeling after skiing, when you can visit some of the restaurants placed on the ski-runs or in the resorts, with various types of cuisine. Besides there are many discos and night bars for one wild night life.

 Bulgaria's beautiful beach and ski resorts are expanding quickly as a result and have lured visitors away from more expensive European destinations with low-priced lift passes and accommodation options. The main cities have shrugged off their weary Communist-era image and have become vibrant and attractive, with well-kept boulevards, varied shopping and lively nightlife. In contrast, many towns and villages have preserved the authentic Bulgarian spirit and hospitality - the country is especially proud of its rich folklore traditions.





Many hotels in the mountains would like to propose interesting conditions for families with kids. Most frequent children policy for those hotels is 4 up to 14 years old.  Tural offers you a range of hotels offering special rates and conditions for youth winter children camps. Try it and you will like it! Bulgaria is a country with many springs of mineral water.

For your full relaxation after a snowy day on the sky slopes we have chosen for you a range of hotels with elaborated Spa & Wellness centers and various treatments. We chose specially for you hotels close to the Gondola. Groups save more! Come together with all your friends and we are ready to give you special discounts. All members of the group should be on one tourist list, in one hotel, with the same period of stay.




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